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Join me in raising awareness for a debilitating neurological condition to improve the lives of those affected by it

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I'm one of many living with Visual Snow Syndrome and I've never spoken with a doctor who acknowledged my symptoms or was aware of my condition. VSS is an extremely unheard-of condition despite it affecting so much of the world's population. My vision is constantly obstructed by flickering dots and suffer from migraines and heightened anxiety due to these symptoms. I'm starting this fundraiser as a future neuroscience major to hopefully contribute towards more research directed at finding a cure for this neurological condition, which is as simple as establishing research and raising awareness; understanding this disorder is the cure. Donations support VSI's work towards making my life - and many others' lives - better, so any donation is greatly appreciated. Continue reading for more information:

Visual Snow Syndrome is a neurological condition that impacts an individual’s vision, hearing, and quality of life. Patients see flashing lights, flickering dots, and static, which obstruct their visual field 24/7. There is no relief for them, even when their eyes are closed. VSS also causes many other debilitating visual & non-visual symptoms.

Visual Snow affects an estimated 2-3% of the world’s population. The VSI has already heard from people in over 71 countries and counting! Your Donation goes to...critical VSS research, global awareness, treatment development to reduce VSS symptoms, and additional resources that will benefit VSS patients, as well as the medical community.

VSI’s global research team consists of physicians, scientists, and researchers:

A donation to the VSI means funding for their efforts to further groundbreaking discoveries, access valuable information, and developing treatment options or a cure for Visual Snow Syndrome.

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For more information about how the VSI is raising awareness, fostering education, and finding solutions for VSS, please visit their website:

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for the Visual Snow Initiative.