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Pledge your "Celebratory Day" and make a real impact in the lives of others!

Welcome to the Visual Snow Initiative's "Celebratory Day" Fundraising Campaign. A fundraising campaign designed to be a community effort so "Snow Visionaries" can do their part to raise awareness and the necessary funds for research to find a cure/treatments.

It's easy to get started "Snow Visionary", and we'll help you along the way. When it's time, create a personal campaign page and rally your friends, family, & networks to make a donation to Visual Snow research in lieu of gifts. 100% of the donations that you receive from your campaign benefit Visual Snow research.

By pledging your "Celebratory Day" to Visual Snow research, you’re celebrating the gift of giving while also helping the Visual Snow Initiative get closer to our mission to Collaborate, Educate, and Cure.

About Visual Snow Syndrome and the Visual Snow Initiative

VSS can be a devastating neurological condition that can affect an individual's vision, hearing, and quality of life. Nearly everyone affected by this disorder is unable to get properly diagnosed because VSS is not widely known or understood by the medical community. The Visual Snow Initiative (VSI) was established to raise awareness about VSS and to find a cure and/or treatment for those living with its debilitating symptoms.

The Visual Snow Initiative has been funding global research led by Visual Snow Syndrome experts and researchers, including Dr. Peter Goadsby, Dr. Victoria Pelak, Dr. Charles Shidlofsky, Dr. Christoph Schankin, Dr. Terry Tsang, Dr. Owen White, Dr. Joanne Fielding, and Dr. Sui Wong to name a few. These dedicated professionals are currently collaborating on multiple studies funded by the VSI.

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