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Help Fund Visual Snow Research!

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Help Us Find a Treatment and Cure for Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS)

VSS can be a devastating neurological condition that can affect an individual's vision, hearing, and quality of life. Nearly everyone affected by this disorder is unable to get properly diagnosed because VSS is not widely known or understood by the medical community. The Visual Snow Initiative was established to raise awareness about VSS and to find a cure and/or treatment for those living with its debilitating symptoms.

What We Do

We work with experts from all over the world including, but not limited to, eye doctors, neurologists, neuro-ophthalmologists, neuroscientists, neurobiologists, and scientific researchers. These dedicated professionals are currently collaborating on multiple studies funded by the VSI. Our mission is to treat and one day cure VSS.

Funding Research

The VSI’s goal for 2021/2022 is to ramp up VSS donations which will allow us to continue to fund global research. Help us Collaborate, Educate, and Cure.

Help Us Find a Cure

We cannot do it without you. Please donate today. Make a difference!